fappening celebrity photo foto download

Dear guests,
I’ve wanted to stop this madness around the leaked celebrity photos, so on this site, you can find the list of up-to-date sources where you can download the all leaked celebrities photos. The list is actualized every day. If you find any mistake or something is missing, let me know on email.

You must forget on the sites like 4chan or Reddit. They are too much exposed, to much clicking and to much bulshit along the way.

Update 2017-07-13:

The photos from Fappening 2.0 were added. All so called celebrities were merged into one package.
Many of so called fappening leaks of a particular celebrity is not an actual leak, you can see it clearly at Fappening blog.

Update 2014-10-14:

Many others small leaks occurred and several MEGAPACKS. This megapacks are bullshit! Use sorted collection, link is below.

Update 2014-10-31:

My collection is still the largest and the most comprehensive collection on internet. I’ve prepared major update for tomorrow’s version. It has almost 3,7 GB. With 65 GB daily bandwidth limit at the copy.com, it is starting to be little bit problematic to share it with you. I am preparing some private mirror for my friends. which will be unlimited and much more faster. If you want access, send me an email with subject „fappening“.


The links where you can find the photos:

Up-to-date compilation of leaked photos

(password is my nickname – all lowercase, hint:
right now, you are on website www.MyNickname.wordpress.com)

List of the celebrities* which were compromised by the fappening leaks:

* – Celebrity is a strong word. Most of them I don’t know and I think that they should be grateful for the fappening leaks because they are really famous now. 😉

!Currently Unknown
Abby Elliot
Abigail Spencer
Adrienne Curry
Aj Lee
Alaina Huffman
Alana Blanchard
Alexa Nikolas
Alexandra Chando
Ali Michael
Alison Brie Leaked
Allegra Carpenter
Alyssa Arce
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Fuller
Amanda Kay Nance
Amanda Seyfried
Amber Heard
Analeigh Tipton
Angie Miller
Anna Kendrick
AnnaLynne McCord
Anne Hathaway
Anya Ayoung Chee
April Love Geary
Ariana Grande
Ashley Benson
Ashley Blankenship
Ashley Greene
Aubrey Cleand
Aubrey Plaza
Avril Lavigne
Bar Rafaeli
Becca Tobin
Bella Thorne
Blake Lively
Brianna Evigan
Brie Larson
Brooke Burns
Candice Swanepoel
Cara Delevigne
Cara Maria Sobello
Carly Foulkes
Carly Pope
Carrie Michalka
Cat Deeley
Celeste Bonin
Daisy Lowe
Dawn Jaro
Doutzen Kroes (not confirmed)
Dove Cameron
Dylan Penn
Elizabeth Ruiz
Elle Fanning
Ellie Kemper
Elodie Varlet
Emily Bett Rickards
Emily Browning
Emily Didonato
Emily Ratajkowski
Emma Watson
Emmy Rossum
Erin Cummins
Erin Heatherton
Evanna Lynch
Ferne McCann
Gabi Grecko
Gabrielle Union
Hannah Martin
Hayden Panettiere
Heather Marks
Heather Morris
Hermione Way
Hilary Duff
Holly Erika Eriksson
Holly Willoughby
Hope Solo
Chloe Bennett
Chloe Dykstra
Chlow Grace Moretz (Unconfirmed)
Christina Hendricks
Ingrid Michaelson
Jennette Mccurdy
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lopez
Jenny Mccarthy
Jessica Alba
Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Pace
Jessica Szor
Jill Scott
Jillian Murray
Joanna 'jojo' Levesque
Joanna Kruppa
Jordan Hinson
Joy Corrigan
Kaime O'teter
Kaityln WWE
Kaley Cuoco
Kara Eberle
Kat Dennings
Kate Bosworth
Kate Micucci
Kate Upton
Kate Upton (FIX)
Katie Cassidy
Katy Perry (Not part of the fappening leak)
Kaya Scodelario
Ke$sha (AKA Kesha)
Keke Palmer
Kelli Garner
Kelly Brook
Kelly Felthous
Kelsey Vogelzang
Khloé Kardashian (NOT NUDE)
Kim Kardashian
Kirsten Dunst
Kristanna Loken
Krysten Ritter
Kylie Jenner
Lacey Banghard
Lacy Banghard
Lady Gaga
Lake Bell
Laura Ponticorvo
Lauren Bowden
Lauren O'neil
Lauren Skaar
Lea Michelle
Leelee Sobieski
Leilani Dowding
Leven Rambin
Lili Simmons
Lindsay Clubine
Lisa Kelly
Lizzy Caplan
Lori Heuring
Maddie Ziegler
Maisie Williams
Maria Kaneliss WWE
Marion Peru
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Mary-Kate Olsen
May Anderson
Mckayla Maroney
Meagan Good
Megan Boone
Melanie Laurent
Melina Lezcano
Melina Perez WWE
Melissa Benoist
Mellisa Clarke
Miesha Tate
Michalka Sisters
Michelle Keegan
Mila Kunis
Milana Vayntrub
Miley Cyrus
Minerva Portillo And Terry Richardson
Misty May-Treanor
Nancey Gomez
Natasha Leggero
Nicola Peltz
Nikki Cox
Nina Dobrev
Nina Stavris
Olivia Munn
Paige Duke
Paige WWE
Paris Hilton (not part of Fappening leak)
Rachel Nichols
Renee Olstead
Rhona Mitra
Rose Mcgowan
Sahara Ray
Salomé Stévenin - French Actress
Sami Miro
Sarah Hyland
Sarah Shahi
Sarah Schneider
Scarlett Johansson (not part of Fappening leak)
Selena Gomez
Shanon Mcanally
Shiri Appleby
Sofia Kasuli
Sophie Gradon
Stanija Dobrojevic
Summer Rae
Tatiana Kotova
Taylor Swift
Tenna Torres
Teresa Palmer
Tobie Percieval
Trieste Kelly Dunn
Uldouz Wallace
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Lorenzo
Victoria Justice
Victoria WWE
Vida Guerra
Wailana Geisen
Winona Ryder (Unconfirmed)
WWE Paige
YT Jess Nude Photoshoot
YT Lia Marie Johnson (NUDES)
YT Lindsey (Nip Slip)
YT Meg Turney (NOT NUDED)
YT SSSniperWolf
YT Zoie Burgher
Yvonne Strahovski
Zoe Kazan
Caitlin Stasey

41 reakcí na fappening celebrity photo foto download

  1. KUTlime napsal:

    I have exceeded your daily bandwidth limit. Just try it tomorrow.
    I didn’t know about the bandwidth limit at the copy.

    Thanks for names. I will look for them. I deleted several folders because there were just selfies and no nudity, just regular boring stuff.

  2. up napsal:

    the link to copy leads to a public folder but doesn’t allow download..

    • KUTlime napsal:

      „if you are getting error at The copy.com, the daily bandwidth is exceeded, you have to come tomorrow“ — Next time, read the site carefully!

  3. Update Anon napsal:

    Hello buddy, this site is making updates every day, picture by picture and video by video,no joke.

    ( http:// ) fappening ( . ) pw/

    I already found some stuff that you missed, since i don’t wanna download stuff one by one, i will keep grabbing your Bundle Updates.

    Please keep up with this great work 🙂 BIG fan

  4. XXXXX napsal:

    Thank you man, downloaded your sorted rar, appriciate your the effort!

  5. LightHawk napsal:

    Ok, so I’ve tried downloading the whole thing and eventually it said the download was completed, however as I opened it the list ended with Emily Didonato. I thought your to check if it was just your bandwith beeing exceeded I tried to redownload it right away and the download startet just like before, so I thought maybe it’s something that went wrong while downloading it the first time so I let it load the „complete“ thing again just to have it stop at Emily again.
    So then I went and created an account on copy com and added it to my account where it takes 0% of my memory. Downloading it from my account gives me the exact same problem i get by downloading from your account, I get everything up to Emily Didonato.

    Any ideas what I could try? Or is there something wrong with the file itself? (Also I didn’t need the password mentioned in the txt file anywhere…?)

  6. GiorgioePiero napsal:

    Can’t download the txt file with the password. Can you fix it or give it to me? Thanks

  7. haluba napsal:

    pls mail the password!

  8. FractalHelios napsal:

    Totally insane!! Thanks 😀

  9. elvixz napsal:

    is not working please send me an email
    to elvixz_lopes@outlook.com Copy.com

  10. Pingback: Což takhle 100 000? | My space, my world.

  11. Myko napsal:

    Hey man, the password is „mynickname“ But in the file will not let me enter says „Incorrect Password“

    • KUTlime napsal:

      The password is my nickname, not mynickname!!! I really don’t know how to do it to be brain-fucking-user proof.

      • Myko napsal:

        It’s what I write, copy and paste from you, but it says „Password invalid“ I have also copied and pasted the txt (This is translated with google translate)

      • KUTlime napsal:

        Next time use your brain first.

      • Myko napsal:

        It is kutlime in lowercase, or uppercase, you must specify lowercase

      • KUTlime napsal:

        If would used the brain, you would found up the it cost you 8 hit to keyboard to try one case, 8 hits another. Instead of that, you placed another annoying comment with 67 hits to the keyboard. Man, you really don’t know how to use your brain.

      • Sebastian Lind napsal:

        No use your brain KUT, we all have tried „my nickname“ „mynickname“ „My nickname“ „Mynickname“ this blog fucking sucks. waste of time, fucking clickbait.

      • KUTlime napsal:

        Use your brain Sebastian (if you have one) and try to use my nickname not „mynickname“.

  12. KUTlime napsal:

    I am not familiar with any improved one? Be more specific…

  13. Therealdeal.141592@gmail.com napsal:

    Some updated pics, or more people. By the way, can you delete the first comment please…

  14. Therealdeal.141592@gmail.com napsal:

    Delete the „Real MVP“ comment, please!

  15. Crax napsal:

    Can you upload the newest leaks from the past days?

  16. itman2000my napsal:

    Hi. Anyway to share the 5.7GB file via torrent? I really can’t download the rar file as always stops half way.

    • KUTlime napsal:

      Torrent is slow to update, hard to access. Some brain fucking users can’t even figure out the simple password. 50+ downloads per day and seems that nobody have a problem.

      • Jamie napsal:

        Your download never completes.
        Tried it multiple times and can never get past 50%.
        Password is easy but you can’t ignore multiple people stating they can’t complete the download.

      • KUTlime napsal:

        Actually I CAN ignore everybody if I want because this is not a paid service, I am doing it in my free time, supporting from my own resources. The archive has 50+ successfull downloads every day, so look for a problem on your side.

      • Jamie napsal:

        I’ve checked and you get kicked after 10 mins of downloading and your uploading speed isn’t great so never get close to finishing.
        Problem does appear to be at your end.

      • KUTlime napsal:

        ??? What uploading speed are you talking about? There isn’t any uploading speed just your downloading speed. First, check if you can store files bigger than 4 GB, second check your internet connection.

  17. SergSevenyen napsal:

    Thank you so much!
    All downloaded to 100%

  18. password napsal:

    “my nickname”
    Error msg – “The password is wrong. Try again.”

  19. role1452 napsal:

    oh, I got it

  20. Mick the Nick napsal:

    Never mind the whiners. Thanks for making this public offer. The file is O.K., the download is O.K. and your hint at the password is simply O.K.

    Whiners will be whiners. Remember half of the world’s population has an IQ below the average 🙂

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